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Mobile phone drop test

The imported mobile phone model from Simscale website failed to mesh.
The model was described as being’cleaned up’ thought it should have presented no problems. Any one else had same issue?
Have created a copy of it in Onshape will use that instead if no one has a solution.
Should there be a gap/space between the phone and the ground plane
as per model?

Hi Tevans,

Could you post your project link? Also, I am unsure of what we are talking about here. Is this a public project you decided to copy? or a webinar/tutorial you are following? Perhaps if you also post the source of the phone I can take a look. Although I am not so great at drop tests (explicit dynamics?) I can def help with meshing issues and the initial setup.


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Hey @tevans!

It seems like you have assigned both solids to the coarse mesh, please see the below image for more info. This is the problem there since it can’t mesh the mobile with those parameters. Removing mobile from the assignment will help to make mesh.

Yes the gap there is fine.