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Mixing of powder and liquid in a tank

I am trying to solve two problems.

  1. A tank with an agitator and a hydrofoil rotating at 100 rpm.
    I need to generate Power number for the shaft from this simulation.
    Here I want to decide the type of simulation i.e steady state or transient, boundary conditions and mesh type. I have tried solving this problem using fluent using mrf. I need here accuracy in my task.

  2. A mixing equipment with an agitator. here power and liquid are getting introduced in the tan at different flowrates. This problem needs mrf with multiphase simulation. Th objective is to see the velocity distribution and particle distribution.

Kindly help me solve these two problems.

Hi @isha,

What kind of problems are you having? Have you started a project? If so do provide a link.

From my initial guess a steady-state simulation should be alright. Don’t think you will have significant result deviation with a transient one. This recent thread on a similar project might help you.

Well it seems like you already know what exactly you need and it should be possible to set this up from what I can initially guess. Do try and set it up and if you do encounter issues, you can post them here as a follow up where we can better help you.