Microstructural transformations of Metal


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I am working at a project where the welding on metal plates is examined and I saw the solution in simulating it here. So now I really need a feature which considers the structural transformations in the plate due to the heating and cooling (like austenite, martensite etc.) . Is it possible to simulate the behaviour of the material considering the structure? The problem is, that I have a different phase transformation of the material when heating (ferrite to austenite) than I have when the material is cooling down (austenite to martensite). Is it possible to use if conditions and/or to use equations to define that? That is kind of a hysteresis curve.

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possible yes, but not within SimScale. The focus of material constitution and change of phases, growth, nucleation, dissolution, precipitation growth etc. is a very complex solid kinetic calculation. You can perform this with other software packages like I do in my Ph.D. but I think that they will not buy such software license for only one user and in addition they would need to have an expert in that topic (maybe they have one but I don’t think so based on the fact that this is not a big area of interest in general) in order to provide good results.

At last I want to mention that I am not a SimScale member so maybe they have already something available because right now I read this thread: What is the Transport Equation?

Tobias Holzmann


Hi @shajia,
actually the caluclation of phase transformations for metal, especially for welding applications, is currently not possible with SimScale as @TobiasHolzmann mentioned, but it is definitely possible with the tool that forms the basis of SimScale’s solid mechanics solver Code_Aster.

As this is generally a very specialized use case, we did not yet include metallic phase transformation models but depending on the votes here it might increase in relevance for us.



I have read your answers long ago but forgot to thank you guys, they were very helpful. The topic is closed for me for now.