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Microfluidic mixing device



I’m completely new here and I have also limited (or basically none) experience in simulation.

I have build a microfluidic mixing device and I would like to simulate the mixing in addition to the experimental characterization I have already done. The mixer is designed to mix two components by using diffusion (and chaotic flow to a certain degree), but it should flow mostly laminar.

Would it be possible to simulate the flow dynamics including diffusion in SimScale?



Hi @rwilcken,

the option of Multiphase flows is available on SimScale. Unfortunately, the current solver considers fluid to be immiscible meaning that the components don’t mix with each other.

I will add this to the list of feature requests!




Hi Jousef

That would be great. Multiphase flows including mixing should fit most microfluidic devices well enough.
Considering that comerical programs like CFD-ACE+ or Comsol do very much the same thing, but you need at least 2500 € to get started.



Just wanted to say that I’d love to do some simulations along the same lines for micro and meso fluidic devices.