Meshing Setting

I need help with my meshing. At first I used the default settings but the quality is very bad. I tried to tweak some of the settings based what I read in the forum and it becomes error. What adjustments that I should do to increase the quality of meshing.

Here is the link of my project

Hello @mshaipul_anuar , thanks for using the Forum!

It appears that the bad quality elements are a result of the imperfect handling of these edges on both sides of the geometry.

You can locate the bad quality elements by using the Mesh Quality tool in the simulation tree after the mesh is generated. Please find more information in this knowledge base article.

In this particular case, you can either go back to your own CAD software to resolve this issue, or either take advantage of small feature suppression value in mesh settings to automatically remove these features.

I hope this helps,

Thank you, Kaan, for your suggestion.