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Meshing - Region Refinement

Actually i wanted when we create a bounding box region and then create another region inside that for aerodynamic cfd analysis. So when we create uppose region 1 with refinement level 1. and then to the region 2 we give refinement of level 1 which is inside region 1. So will the region 2 do refinement of region 1 to level 1 or it will consider the base mesh box as datum.
Can anyone please help me out ? @jousefm please ?

Hi @simscale4yahoo!

I would say that the refinements do not add up so if you add another region with level 1 refinement it would keep its fineness. Tagging the @PowerUsers_CFD here to give you more information if needed.



Hi @simscale4yahoo, as @jousefm said it does not add it is relative to the base mesh (i.e. refinement 1 is half the dimensions of the base mesh in all directions etc.) Also, the mesh will take the highest refinement of the cell, so if you have a region that is refinement 1 and a smaller region within the refinement at level 2, then cells will be refinement level 2 for the small region. If the inverse was true, all cells in the larger refinement would just be level 2 ignoring the lesser and smaller refinement region.

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Thankyou so much @jousefm and @1318980 for your help. Will get back to you both if i get any more doubts :slight_smile:

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