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Meshing problem

I don’t know what’s going on. Meshing running 1196 minute. Why?

Project link:

Hi @tanserhoque

I tried to make a new mesh for this geometry and found that it was not successfully meshed due to the small edge present in the Solid 75. I would recommend you to make relevant changes in that body and then it might be possible to get a good mesh. The faces that you need to work upon are mentioned in the below image.


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Hello @anirudh2821998
I have tried separately to generate mesh on error solid. It meshed successfully. Why it is not meshing combinedly.

Thanks in advance,
Tanser :frowning:

Hi Tanser, sorry for the delay!

Can you let us know why you want to have the parts combined when the CAD is not combined in the first place? Also what exactly do you want to investigate? You can create separate simulations with meaningful names including the different designs of the braces. I assume that you want to apply a load on all four components and compare the maximum stresses and strains of those?