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Meshing Failing - "export-parasolid-has-faults"

I’m trying to run CFD analysis on a car body, but I get an error during meshing - “export-parasolid-has-faults”.

The model is broken into several parts: the body, wheels, splitter, and wing. I’ve completed many simulations with the all of these components in the past. In the latest iteration, I simply angled the splitter in the front down 2 degrees. Now it fails to mesh. I’ve tried to clean up the area around the splitter in Fusion 360, but I’m not sure exactly what is causing the failure.

I’m importing both as .step and .iges, using Fusion 360 for all CAD. The simulation in question is “3” Splitter - Dn 40mm 2deg", and the geometry is “C5_Aero_Base_3in_Splitter__2deg”. The project can be found here:

At a loss at this point. Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Hi @Hanseng1 ,

I checked your geometry. I think it is just not enough good for meshing.
Your geometry has unnecessary surfaces and self-duplicaded surfaces as shown below.

I recommend you to review the area of the flow and surface configurations.


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