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:( Mesh viewing and creation anomalies

In this public project, I am seeing 2 issues:

  1. I am unable to hide BoundingVolumeFaces on the Background Mesh Box of an external incompressible CFD mesh.
  2. There appears to be holes in the surface mesh of the geometry.

Here are 2 images that highlight the issues:

Any ideas on these 2 issues?


Hi Dale,

thanks for reporting this - forwarding to the engineers to see what it is.



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Hi Dale

thanks for reporting this. I checked your mesh and it seems OK. There is a known bug in our visualization pipeline which stems from a third-party we’re using. We have reported it a while ago and are waiting for a fix.
Rest assured that it’s not harmful in any way. I hope we’re going to receive a fix within the next weeks.



As I start my journey with the new post processor, I can not use my personal logic to figure out a quick way to plot a Y+ surface mapping without the bounding volume hiding my surface plots.

My forum searching brought me back to my own topic :slight_smile: but I see that although I mentioned my boundingvolume issue as item 1 in this topic (my bad, should have been separate topic maybe), it remains unanswered.

I have figured, since creating this topic, that I can achieve what I want by hiding the boundingvolume, hiding all boundingvolumefaces and making all the geometry solid faces visible.

But in a geometry with hundreds of faces, I can not find a way to multi-select the all the solid faces at once to make them ‘visible’ in an ‘invisble’ BoundingVolume.

Have I found the correct way to see the surface cells only, if so, how can I multi-select?


If I was designing that interface in old faithful VB6 I would simply checkbox ‘Allow multi-select’ :wink: