Mesh suddenly has extreme fine details

Today I started a new simulation with a known model with small changes. I used the same mesh settings as in previous models in the last weeks. The last one beeing on the 4th of January. Now the mesh reaches extrem fine details in a lot of spots, as seen in the picture, which nearly doubled the number of cells I normally have. This happens to a lot of places where corners come together. I don’t know why this is happening and I would need advice on how to solve this problem, so that I can continue to simulate my models.

It’s difficult to tell for sure without a link to the project, but visually it feels like there are small faces and/or gaps in the CAD.

I’d try inspecting the CAD model locally in your CAD software using e.g. section views to try and pinpoint issues.

Here is The Project

I used this model for multiple simulations now. And the part where these details appeared, never changed at all for 10 different simulations.

Do you have the XYZ coordinates of this region, by any chance?

One example is at 0.889818888142413, 0.2743755923299197, 0.0899343451608849 (X,Y,Z)

There’s a thin face right next to these coordinates (in red). I’d suggest removing that on the CAD level.


Shouldn’t these features be removed by the small feature suppression?

The model has several of these tiny faces due to the geometry. I can’t really change anything because this part of the model is only a reference I use for the simulation.

The small feature suppression is not failproof - sometimes it won’t be able to suppress certain features (as seen in the meshing log).

In this case, if getting rid of the small faces is absolutely a must, you might have to take other approach. Cleaning up the CAD model tends to be the most robust one.


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