Mesh refinements for interface surfaces HDP Mesh for Conjugate heat transfer Sim

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i’m trying to achieve a fluid Simulation with heat exchange with a range of solids (Conjugate heat Transfer). The CAD data consists of 14 solids, one of which is the volume of the fluid.

The Simulation should be a transient, turbulent flow Simulation. with the complete structure at an initial temperature and the fluid and air surrounding it coling it down.

I’m unsure which parameters i should introduce to the mesh for it to create the Interface zones between the fluid and the solids.
I tried Mesh Refinements but after a mesh run it didn’t create the cell Zones i was expecting for the geometry and it keeps showing the mesh quality checker failed.

The geometry of the Project is the following: The solid 13 is the fluid volume and the solids 0 to 12 are the steel plates and glue layers i’m aiming to cool down.

The Parameters for the fluid Zone i chose are:

and for the solids:

I’d like to know which procedure i should follow or which other settings i should use for the solver to create the surfaces i Need for the Simulation to use as Interfaces.

Thank you

Hi @jfm93,

as far as I can see your second approach for the meshing part was successful so far. I guess you would have to create a zone for solid 0-12 choosing every single solid in your Mesh Refinement for the solid zones.

As a small help you can use this page as an orientation: Conjugate Heat Transfer: Cooling of electronic sink
Please be aware that you can ignore the interface definitions as mentioned on this page and proceed with the simulation.

If you need help with the setup itself or have any questions, feel free to ask or contact me anytime.

Edit: cellZone creation is not necessary by the way. The new CHT mesh workflow only requires create multiregion option set to TRUE. The remaining is automatically done by the mesher. My colleague is working on updating the tutorial at the earliest possible.
You can check the list of interfaces (shown at the end of mesh log) just to make sure things are fine before ypu proceed with the simulation.

Good luck!