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Mesh Refinement settings for Conjugate Heat Transfer

I am trying to mesh a heatsink with multiple fin layers.My basic problem is that the fluid region is merging with the fins after meshing.Can any one suggest me mesh refinement values so that i can achieve the target.Just as an info: Fins have thickness of 0.8mm

Hi @sdubeys,

Thanks for posting your question and welcome to SimScale! Is this the project you are referring to?

hi Anna,
i am referring to

Hi @sdubeys,

Coming back to you with some suggestions. Your mesh is currently quite large at 20 million cells so the first thing is do not enforce a surface refinement of (min,max) = (3,3) for the fluid and solid volumes. Instead try (0,3) which will allow for the non-curved areas to be more coarse and reduce your mesh size.

Next I can suggest another refinement to be added to the curved faces

If there is face just on the lowers curved sections you can try an overall refinement of (4,4), otherwise apply the refinement to the entire face and use (min,max) = (0,4)

Let’s see if that improves things.