Mesh quality where is/are the bad element(s)?

Hello, I have made a box mesh refinement with max. length 1 cm and otherwise all default values. Now the max aspect ratio has shot up to > 1e4 and I can’t find the bad elements(s). Can anyone tell me where, I can usually see them (for other meshes) but not here.

Update: using a cutting plane I can find some cells which are white with “no result” if I inspect them.
Maybe these are the real problem.


Hello trkendall
You can find the cell with the max aspect ratio here at the tip of one of the blades.

to resolve this my suggestion would be to upload the blade surface as two single surfaces instead of a lot of separated ones.

Best regards

Hi Sebastian, thanks

I still can’t find the bad cell, is the rest of the mesh ok? Where there is colour I can see only blue, unless I select region 2 in which case every outline goes red anyway.
More importantly I don’t follow the solution. Doesn’t everything have to be solid? I uploaded from onshape then fixed the interferences and made a boolean union of everything in simscale’s own CAD, following the docs. I checked for small gaps. Is there something odd in the CAD at this point? I might try increasing the small feature suppression (slightly) if there is.

I can’t get that box labelled volumes:1 that’s in your screenshot.

Best regards