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Mesh quality check fail


Hi everyone,

I am currently doing a parametric study of the blend wing body aircraft. I am having a problem with meshing my model. I tried improving the refinement but the problem did not resolve. The edges of the mesh seem ununiform.

Appreciate any help,


Hi @ksum!

The @PowerUsers_CFD and I will have a look at your project and get back to you asap!




Hi @jousefm

After more refinement the mesh passed the check. I am doing mesh convergence study. The success mesh have 287175 nodes. How do i effectively refine the results by lets say 1.5 time. From what i know increasing the region refinement would increase the nodes by at least 4 times



Hi @ksum!

My suggestion would be to set up a study and vary single refinements to see how they affect your study. If you have a multi-component system and you refine one of them I am afraid that your rule will not hold. Let’s go for the brute force approach :wink:

All the best!