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Mesh problem

can someone help me with this mesh. I tried to do it according to the fsae workshop


Hi @trilokm7,

I have finished the meshing for you. Please do not use the one you set up because it is way too big and not necessary at all. You can import the project by clicking on this link: Project trilokm7 - Mesh

Please proceed with the simulation setup. If you have any questions about this step or the post-processing just let me know. I will help you wherever I can :slight_smile:

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!



I proceeded with your mesh but got an error during my simulation run.


Hi @trilokm7,

sorry, took me a bit longer than expected.

Here you go: CFD Simulation - Project by trilokm7

I have adapted the mesh by using symmetry and I have made changes with the refinements. Feel free to adapt the values in the simulation.




hey, thanks for the same. Can you tell me how have you made a symmetry mesh with the full car geometry?


Hi @trilokm7,

just set up your Background Mesh Box in a way that it “cuts” your model in halves and pay attention that the material point is at the right place.

For the other settings I made, just have a look at “Mesh 1 2 2”.




Well. thats what I thought. Thanks again.