Mesh operation failed

I´ve problem when run the simulation and this message is showed.

  • One or more cell zones do not intersect the flow region or the intersection results in a non-solid body. Cell zones must overlap with the flow region.

Hello @jformoso , and thanks for posting your question in the Forum!

May I ask which simulation type you’re using? Is it Incompressible?

If you’re using Incompressible, then this simulation needs only one part which should be the flow region. Please make sure you have only one part to represent your flow region, and all else are deleted in the CAD mode. More information can be found in this documentation page.

In case your problem is not related to this, please feel free to share a URL to your project here, so that we can have a look in detail.


Hello Kaany.

The fluid is incompressible (air). At first I uploaded the geometry and then deleted it in CAD mode due to the difference in solids (environment minus interior flow).
The environment (air) is composed of a disk that is the rotating flow and a larger parallelepiped (I subtracted this space from the imported geometry)

Hello again!

I can see that all the mesh and simulations are successful in your project. Could you please guide us to the correct URL to your project in case the issue persists? Thanks!