Mesh Operation Fail

I am trying to simulate wind on buildings (2 towers)
I built the geometry and defined all the parameters.
but meshing processes are not complete without any explanation.

the warning message says just “An error occurred.”

below is link for the project

Hi @mashoub,

Thanks for posting your question!
It seems that the file could not be imported as valid geometry since it contains a mixture of mesh and parametric data. Thus in this case I recommend you to use hex-dominant parametric algorithm, which can deal with this kind of issue.

As you can see it has been performed well, so please feel free to make a copy and do your own improvements/refinements.


thanks @goncalves

the hex-dominant parametric algorithm was very helpful tool to solve this issue,

But after that, I was trying to make the geometry more complex. The meshing using the hex-dominant parametric algorithm was ok, but simulation running gave the issue that “A setup with at least 6 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type.” (simulation name: “wind”)

To solve this, I tried to include only half the geometry and use symmetric boundary conditions to include all masses in one region, but the meshing gave an error and was not completed. (simulation name: “Copy of wind”)

below is the link for model

Hi again @mashoub,

I have seen that your new geometry contain self-intersections in two pieces of buildings. Please take a look at one of them in the video down below.

Please do those improvements and then let me know if this works too.


its work, thanks a lot @goncalves :grinning: