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Mesh Generation Failure: Potential CAD problem?

Hi all,

I’ve just copied a project (CFD) from pi3141 and as I was trying to generate my own mesh with further away boundaries it seems like it fails to mesh my geometry (in fact it seems that it only meshes a very small portion of the geometry). I tried duplicating one of his meshes and regenerate it and same issues appears. I suspect there may be some issue with the CAD but I do not understand why it worked for him and not for me.

Anyone who can help me with this?

Project Link:



Hi Razvan (@rapetrei),

This is stemming from a meshing issue in our last platform release - we are working to implement the fix as quickly as possible and will keep you updated



Use geometry ‘bladelessFan’. Mesh it as one part until the next platform upgrade.

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@AnnaFless and @dylan thanks to both of you!