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Mesh export as .msh

Dear friends,

I have read in the forum how to export SimScale mesh to .msh through OpenFoam. Luckly it worked, I imported to OpenFoam and coverted to .msh file and used in ANSYS. It worked when I am using only one body.

But, when I am using different bodies for example simulation like Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT), and I dowloaded the SimScale mesh and it has different poly mesh files for each body. I am getting error when I run it in OpenFoam

Can anyone please help me.

Hi @Vinaykumar!

Tagging @1318980, @vgon_alves and @Get_Barried here who might help you out with this issue. @yosukegb4, any idea how to solve this? Maybe you have encountered this problem before and can help our user.



Hi @jousefm !

I have never exported .msh meshes of multiple bodies yet.
I have just only uploaded multiple STL meshes to SimScale.

I’m sorry that I cannot help it.


Hi everyone,

No luck on my end. I have not downloaded meshes to be simulated offline in OpenFOAM so won’t be able to help you there. Is there not a way to combine the meshes offline?