Mesh Error

I am trying to simulate CFD for our F1 in Schools car however I can’t get the mesh to work. I have tried other solutions on similar issues but other issues start happening. Like how .step files don’t work. Sorry for deleting some simulations I didn’t know about the rules before doing so.

At the moment I get this message:

The meshing failed due to a self intersection in the mesh on the following entities: [edge77@Flow region] [face123@Flow region]. The exact position is printed at the end of the Meshing Log.

This is our link:

Any help would be great.

The meshing process failed because there is one or more intersections in the model. It needs to be fixed/cleaned for successful surface mesh elements. Have you had a look at this article? It explains this specific error.
You can also have a look at our other forum posts, they will be helpful too.
I hope this solves your error. :slight_smile: Let me know if this does!

Would a format like parasolid fix this? We are also importing from Fusion 360 if this causes any issues.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi there,
I apologise for the late response. Were you able to resolve your problem?
If yes, could you tell us what helped you? It might be useful for other users with similar problems.
If not, do let me know and I can help you out further. :slight_smile: