Mesh Error

I have having issues meshing. I have been trying different parameters for the last few days and I have had no success. If I go any finer than the settings I have now, I get a machine ran out of memory error. However, now, I get an error of the mesh not being able to be generated and it tells me increasing the fineness oould help (even though increasing the fineness would make the machine run out of memory). The weird this is, in the meshing log, it says explicitly that the meshing finished without errors and that it is just finalizing parallel run. So I am wondering if there’s anything I can do to make my model mesh.
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Can you please share the URL to your project, so we can have a look at the geometry, mesh and setup?

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My first advice here is to try a Standard mesh, which should be more robust that the Hex-mesh. Could you please give it a go?

Also, do you really need to resolve the complete internal cavity?

No, not necessarily. However, changing that would require a good bit of cad work. I could try that though if there is nothing else. The mesh inside there is quite coarse as well, so I don’t think it would affect the meshing too much. Also, I could try the standard mesher, however, in the past, the standard mesher has never been able to make a mesh that converges as well as the hex dominant one. So if there is any way to keep using the hex mesher that would be great.

I think that the way to make the Hex mesh to work is by simplifying the CAD, e.g., removing small faces and intersections, and also working on the refinements. Of course, this will lead to a high cell count, and the memory limitations that you mention.

Ok, I will try that. Why does the meshing log tell me that the mesh completed without any errors even tho it still gives me an error later down the line?

That is a good question. Let me investigate and see what happened here.

Great, thanks. It’s at the end of my meshing log


After the mesh is generated, I believe that it runs some final quality checks and there is a chance that it fails for one reason or another.

Just to give you an example, with the current settings, you are likely going to get most of these surfaces deleted because the minimum allowed cell size is super large.

I’d suggest reviewing the refinements and potentially cleaning up the internal cavity as Guillermo mentioned.