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MESH ERROR - Rotating Zone

I am trying to create a situation where the flow around the spokes can be captured in CFD analsyis. But the problem that i am facing is that a mesh error is coming. Although i would also like to add i have given all the same meshing parameters and refinements for a geometry only consisting the tyre and the mesh has happened with mesh quality check passed.
So please can anyone suggest why is it not happening. I am also sharing my project.

Hi again @simscale7yahoo!

Do not think that the approach you have chosen here works. You should consider making the cylinder slightly bigger than the rotating geometry - the meshing should usually be no problem then. Tagging @1318980 and @Get_Barried here just to add some more information here if needed.



Hi @simscale7yahoo,

Agreed with Jousef. You need to make the cylinder bigger and your approach to covering the sides of the wheel is probably not what you want to do to analyze the flow around the spokes.



Actually i saw in Formula SAE Workshop session 2 that they created small cylinder just surrounding the spokes and the rest of the tyre a rotational wall velocity was given with moving wall velocity to the ground.
So as i too am studying a wheel i was following the same approach.

Also if i make the cylinder dimensions more than my tyre (diameter wise ) it will obstruct with the lower bounding box ( which i am considering as a road ) and i think results wont come proper then.

So how can i go about it? Any more details about th project you want i will be happy to share only thing is i really want it to work.

Hi @simscale7yahoo!

As mentioned in the other post you can use the moving wall BC. I think Barry and me really thought that this is going to be a propeller you are investigating :smiley: Follow the instructions from the other post and you should be fine. For the future please keep things organized and open one post for your issues not to get confused. A small “abstract” of what you want to achieve also helps a lot :slight_smile:



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