Mesh edge splitting failure

im trying to split the edges on my stl mesh to allow me to select faces to set up an internal flow (prior to this i had only done external flow) but it crashes out, gives me an error but no meshing log every time

first time using simscfale for internal flow instead of external SimScale

Thanks for the link @Lemlurker!

Is there a way you can export it from Meshlab already splitted? Tried it once with the STL splitting operation but keeps failing until now.



i tried splitting in blender and splitting each face group into its own object, havent found the splitting setting in meshlab yet

ive split it like this in blender, it doesnt seem to make a difference

Hi @Lemlurker!

You could also use the Split operation provided by OnShape. I am not aware of a method enabling you to split faces in Meshlab. I mean as shown Blender can do it but will it also export the model with split faces?



just ran this and both binary and non binary failed, will look at onshape

i cant find any split selection or split by angle options in onshape, do you have a guide?

okay so onshape will allow me to reference a mesh but will not work with them, i managed to get one shape to see the parts have different meshes by exporting in obj (might this be a possible future file format?) it appears that .stl as a format does not support multiple meshes so either the inhouse splitter must work or a different format used

IT WORKED! i dont know weather it was me remaining on the same tab for the entire time or uploading a converted .obj, will report back when i have it sussed

Hi @Lemlurker!

You did use the split operation on OnShape, right? Awesome! For me this worked in the past when I tried to split faces.



that doesnt work for stl’s

yer, I couldn’t get it to work the other day, your not the only one.

I think I figured it out, try leaving that window on screen, by that I mean no visiting other meshes or changing tabs, it’s weird but it seemed to work

didn’t work for me, unfortunately, maybe the stl is just dodgy.

try exporting as an obj with the edges split into different meshes and then convet to stl online and then reimport

I haven’t got access to the original I was trying to help with someone’s project, but thatnks :slight_smile: