Mesh divergence in multiphase

I am not able to make my project converge, due to the mesh. The project is a bottle with a water tap attached. The bottle is almost half full with water and the rest should be air. I have done this setup in SolidWorks and it works.

i’m trying to figure out how long it takes before the bottle is empty.

Picture of SolidWorks:

Link to the project:

Help is appreciated

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Hi there!

Your mesh looks quite coarse now, CFD Squad, can you help our user here to make sure he gets his run converged?



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I have tried changing the mesh to fine, and also tried to use another mesher. I have also tried to change the boundary conditions of the model but nothing seems to work.

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Good morning @au578308,
i have a question about your choosen boundarys.
It showed, that you selected the outside areas, is this correct ?

After i look at your SolidWorks Picture, i think you like to simulate the inner volume of your geometry, not only the ring gap ?

I made a finer mesh and changed the boundary areas, may it works :slight_smile:

Best regards

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