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Merging STL files



I have been searching for a the tutorial to merge STL files and I fould this ‘Merge STL - FSAE Workshop’ in the 'Group Faces’ forum. When i try to open it the page says 'Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!’ I really need this so i can run a simulation of our FSAE car. Can you please give me access or a link on how merge STLs with Notepad ++.


Hi @Raceyard53!

Could you please show me what message you get? Also share the link to the topic you want to access.

The files can be accessed here:

Let me know if you need any further help.



Mesh generation issue

This is the image i get when i click on the ‘ Merge STL - FSAE Workshop’ in the forum i specified above.


Hi @Raceyard53!

Should work now :slight_smile:




Yes it did! thanks so much!

  • Dan