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Merge Projects or Import Geometry From Other Projects

Is it possible at all to merge two or more simscale projects or just import geometries from other projects? STL files can be quite large.

Hello @Naly,

there is no specific button to merge projects but what you can do is to upload relevant geometries in one project.

Also keep in mind that there are some techniques using Blender for instance in order to reduce the file size of your STL files.

I hope that these small hints will help you a bit. Let me know what you think and if SimScale can do something to make the use of the platform more convenient for you.

All the best and happy SimScaling!


Hi @jousefm
I will check out blender. My files are usually 150 MB but could reach double that. (and my connection is horrible :confused: )

Hi @Naly,

Let me know if that helped you. I will look for some alternatives but the first thing that came into my mind was Blender. I will see if there is something better and if so I will come back to you again.



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