Memory allocation problem

An error appeared while allocating memory. If you are using the Multfront, LDLDT or GCPC solver, please choose a larger machine by increasing the number of computing cores. For the MUMPS and PETSC solvers, you should additionally reduce the number of parallel processes used for the computation to allow a higher RAM per CPU ratio

I am applying the remote force boundary condition. Every time I set this boundary condition, I got this error.
I tried to increase the core to 64 core and decrease the number of parallels to 2 but was unsuccessful. I also tried out of core memory allocation but was also unsuccessful

does anyone have any clue for solving this error?

thanks in advance

Hello khalidElserfy1

can you please send us a link to your project, so that we can have a look at the issue.

Best regards

i shared the link for the project

Hi khalidElserfy1,
I don’t know if I can add anything, as I see tRun8 today & Run1 yesterday were successful with a change in the Linear system relative residual value from 1e-5 to 1e-4 and the memory error didn’t seem to arise this time.

I had a look at the deflections of the model which seemed to deflect according to the imposed loads. The memory issue appears to be resolved?

Kind regards

What could be done for non linear analysis?