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Mechanical robot

mechanical robots and its design with out help of computer

@shravista, not sure I completely understand your question. What type of mechanical robot are you trying to design?

a robot wich can walk ,write ,lift the things etc…

@shravista, Sounds like an interesting project! Modelling an entire robot as you described would be pretty tricky, but you could certainly analyse sub-systems or components. This could be a collaborative effort if you’d like to share a public link of what you are working on or a rough sketch.

Actually I am studying 1st year in India still i dont know many basics of robotics . But still i would like to design such a robot . I want help to design and make it to be work

You cannot build a robot without the use of a computer. What exactly was your idea @shravista ? I am curious about this.
Certainly you will need a computer for your algorithms first of all. Then solving all the differential equations… :sweat:
Sounds interesting but in my humble opinion you need a significant amount of knowledge in order to build a robot. Even if it a small one. :sunglasses:

Here I have something for you that might be interesting. It is called Tibo. The guy building these “Machines” was a research assistant at our university in Karlsruhe for anthropomatics.

Here some pics from my Tibo I built:

The Tibo goes without programming. Its basically all about neural networks in electronics working with operational amplifiers etc.
Give it a try mate :smile:

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awesome! Thanks for sharing. I know what I need to check out on the weekend ;)!


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