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Maxium number of Iteration exceded

Hello, I’m working through an assigned exercise from my class. I have the simulation set up how I was instructed and the geometry and mesh were provided by my professor. I cannot get my simulation to run even though I have nothing different from my professor. The coded error I am getting is "negative initial temperature T0: -3.753… . There are only two things I can see that are different between mine and the example I’m given but I don’t think they are causing the error.

  1. My teacher is able to assign the material property in air titled “Energy” as “Sensible enthalpy”, my simScale will only allow me to select “Sensible internal energy”

  2. In the boundary conditions of pressure inlet 1 my teacher is able to assign Gamma to =1.4. My simScale does not have a gamma to assign in any of my boundary conditions.

Here is a link to my project

Hey there,

I took a look at your project and noticed that you have successful simulation. Does this mean that you already found the solution to the error?

Hi @ggiraldof

No I didn’t. I changed the solver types and was able to have it simulate successfully but it does not seem correct.

Hi again,

Could you please elaborate on exactly what doesn’t seem correct?