maximum simulation run

I need to have a simulation run for approx 10 years / this is to understand the impact of cold water injection to the geothermal underground well over long period of time.

is that possible?

I am using a with Conjugate Heat Transfer v2.0 2

I would be enormously thankful for the answer.

Mantas Petraitis

Hi Mantas, and thanks for using the forum!

This sounds like a transient simulation, with a very long simulated time! When the effects are so slow, one usually analyses a steady-state model, and extrapolate the results for the long time period. The reason for this, is that such a long simulation, with the time step necessary to properly solve the flow (and comply with the CFL condition) is not practical - it would need too much time to process and too much memory to store the results.

Thank you ggiraldof,

Thanks a lot for your advise.

I don’t see an option for steady-state simulation for Conjugte Heat Transfer analysis. Perhaps i should use a diferent type of analysis? if so - what it would be?


You can find the option under the general simulation setup panel: