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Maximum Iterations Exceeded: Compressible Flow of a Star Wars Tie Fighter


With the whole project of the month hype and what not I decided to get back to my fun simulation I started fooling around with to test geometry importing, simplification and meshing: Using a Star Wars theme! I have been able to get a ok behavior for incompressible flows but when I decided to bump up the speed to supersonic and play with compressible flow I started getting this maximum iterations exceeded message. I have tried a few different but nothing seems to make it work so far, any idea of what’s going on?

Here’s the project! Note, I do not know how to share without it automatically becoming a copy in your dashboard. Sorry for that!

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@oscarcorripio, awesome that you are working on this! I typically suggest posting this link:

which then allows anyone viewing to make a copy:


Hi @AnnaFless, given that I haven’t had much success finding what the issue is for the compressible analysis, I was wondering if we have any tutorials or exercises I could practice with and perhaps compare,


Hi @oscarcorripio,

Right now we have a Compressible Flow over Airfoil tutorial:

Maybe @Ali_Arafat or @sjesu_rajendra have some hints?

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Hello @oscarcorripio,

Interesting attempt :slight_smile:

I imported your project and tried to ramp the inlet velocity, didn’t get the expected results though. The mesh requires changes near the smaller geometry features, since the compressible flow solver is sensitive.
A suggestion is to increase the refinements next to the geometry. You can also introduce another ‘Cartesian Box’ just around the geometry in order to have a fine mesh and decrease the refinement one/two level/s down in the existing box. By this way you can maintain lesser mesh elements, thereby saving computational time.

Hope this works! Good luck and curious to see the results :slight_smile: