Maximum cell count

Hi all,

I have carried out some external flow CFD simulations on race-cars and I’m interested in upping the cell count. Can anyone comment on the largest meshes they’ve used successfully in simscale and how long convergence took? I know everyone will be using different solver settings and turbulence models etc and this will have an effect on convergence time but if anything that would provide a greater overview. I’ll carry on experimenting myself but of course when pushing the upper boundaries and using 32 cores simultaneously like this, the experimentation comes at the cost of core hours. Thanks everyone from sunny England.


Hi James (@jmullen) ,

Welcome to SimScale! Glad to have you in the community. @Milad_Mafi, @Akrem, and @pfernandez might be able to give you some hints regarding cell count.

Hi James,

The simulations I’ve been running as a hobby have about 9 to 10 million cell and take and take up to 4 hours (x 32 CPUs) to reach a reasonably converged solution.

At least, that’s the sweet spot I found that balances all the constraints that comes with a free account.


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