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Maximum calculation time exceeded

Hi there, I’ve tried to run an analysis, but after 60minutes I got the message that maximum calculation time was exceeded. Can someone tell me whether there is a hard limit on the execution time in general for any simulation (I’ve got a free account), or whether something went wrong during the calculation after which the simulation aborted (in other words, should I fix something in the problem setup)?

Thanks in advance!

Good evening @jvarkevisser,

you can increase your runtime (see picture).

Also remember that you have a limited amount of core hours.

What are core hours?



Hi Jousef,

Thanks! I noticed indeed the total time of 3000hours. Is this actually total hours a month (which could be possible when using multiple cores)? There is no difference in the amount when switching to a paid version of Simscale.


Hi @jvarkevisser,

You can add core hour packages separately if you run out of core hours.

And yes as far as I know it is 3000 core hours per month.



Hi @jousefm and @jvarkevisser - I’ll just add that the 3000 core hours is per year. Maybe this needs to be more clear on our site :wink: The core hours is the same for professional and community users, however, with a professional account you have the option of creating private projects that are only visible to you.

As a community user, we are happy to provide additional core hours if you use your 3000 core hour quota for high quality projects - I’ll add an FAQ for this.


Hi @AnnaFless,

you pay per month. That’s why I thought you get your 3000 core hours every month. Should be more clear for sure :slight_smile:



hi all,

i was facing the same problem so thanks for the tip. Is there a maximum upper limit to this quantity “Maximum runtime”?


Hi @mananthakkar87,

The maximum upper limit is governed by the number of core hours you have remaining on your account. You cannot set a [maximum runtime (s) * # of cores]/3600 that would exceed this amount.


dear Anna,

if I have, for instance, 100 core-hrs left i.e. 10060 core-mins i.e. 1006060 core-sec, the max runtime I can have for 16 cores will be 10060*60/16 = 22500 sec. Is that correct?

Then, the formula you provided should have an extra 60 in the denominator i.e.
upper limit = max runtime (s) * #cores / (60*60)
Is that right? Or am I looking at it the wrong way…


Yes, exactly @mananthakkar87 - it should be [maximum runtime (s) * # of cores]/3600. Sorry for the typo on that. I’ve edited the original post to reflect the correction

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