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Hello everyone,
I’m new to SimScale and I need to perform some thermal simulations on one Iron Nickel and YIG (Yittrium Iron Garnet) alloys. I have seen that in the free version these materials are not available. Can you tell me if they are available in the payment version or if it’s possible to download libraries with more materials available or something like that? Thanks in advance for the attention.


Hi @mrosalia!

That’s no problem! You can select an existing material from the library and make adaptions to the one you have chosen. YIG is ferrimagnetic which cannot be taken into account on our platform but you can change all relevant parameters that are available in the workbench.

The material library in community version is the same as in the professional license. :slight_smile:

Hope I could help you a bit - wish you a great and relaxing weekend!



Thanks a lot @jousefm,
as I’ve seen I can select a generic material and personalize with physical parameters I need to simulate on the materials I need. Thanks a lot for all the informations you gave me.
You answered completely to any of my question.
Thanks again and have a great weekend too.