Material not changeable or available

Hi all,

I started with the free version today and tried with the thermal analysis tutorial. At first, this wanted me to start with the selection “heat transfer” which is not available because it seems that the Tool is newer than the tutorial. So I took the “convective heat transfer” option.

Additionally, I wasn’t able to attach the material that should be used (aluminium) since I merely had the choice of fluids (gases) and there was neither the option to change the parameters nor the access to another tab or button to choose from another data base or something.

Do you have any advice? otherwise I see no use for this tool anymore :frowning:

Thanks in advance

Hello Mseybold,

If you are are running the Tutorial 3, then you shouldn’t be selecting a simulation that works with flow, as convective heat transfer does. For this you want to select a simulation under structural dropdown and then select heat transfer simulation. From there you should be able to follow the tutorial. Let me know what you think.