Marine diesel main engine lubricating system

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I have to do a project about the lubricating system of a marine main engine. So, I need to calculate hydraulic losses and I saw that it can be done here, but the problem is that I don’t know how to make the model of main engine and the lube oil system that I need. Can someone please help me with some directions?
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Hello, and we are also glad to have you around!

For simulations in SimScale, you need to bring your own 3D CAD model, as there is no geometry modeling functionality in the platform.

Please use a 3D CAD tool (as there are many) to build your model of the lubrication system, then you can import it and simulate it with our CFD analysis.

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Yes, a 3D file is required to be imported into Simscale for simulation purposes. For me I use Fusion 360 as a hobbyist as its free with some limitations, but it allows me to create Step files which are compatible with Simscale. Equally, OnShape is another 3D software program that is free with certain limitations and you can produces files compatible with Simscale. Blender is another one, but more for sculpting from my limited experience.

When you produce a 3D model, keep it simple, as this reduces Simulation and meshing times, producing faster results. You might want to have a look at tutorials SimScale Tutorials and User Guides | Cloud-Based CAE | SimScale to get a bit of a feel.

Best luck with future modelling and then onto the Simulations :slight_smile: