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Many questions 😊

In the process of using Simscale, several questions arose. I will give them all together :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Can we download only part of the results - not all frames, but the last one? (its too big to get it all) Or just a solver log?
  2. Can we calculate average temperature in some volume in post process? And can we get the flow rates through the surface somehow?
  3. Can we use average temperature in some volume as result control during calculating?
  4. I didn’t find a way to show surface parameters in postprocess. I’ve seen this in webinars, but in old platform. Now I can choose the surface in “Parts” but only change it colour)
  5. Can we refine mesh in a not a cartesian box (cylinder) region in CFD analysis? If the geometry complex, we need a complex form of region to refine. I’ve tried to do it with several solid bodies included in geometry, but failed.
  6. Can we run the downloaded project on a local computer? Is there any link to step by step instructions to do this? We faced difficulties while doing so. Do we need an old version of openfoam and other plugins?
  7. Can we, on the contrary, set parameters on the local computer and load them to Simscale? At the first attempts only the mesh was loaded, but all the settings were not.

thanks in advance,

Hi Olga!

  1. You always download the whole results and the solver log is not included

  2. I have not done it myself but would go straight for the offline post-processor Paraview and use the calculator Filter for that (any other ideas here @1318980 or @Get_Barried?) - Flow rates can be written by using area integral in the result control item / pressure differences for instance using area average

  3. See point 2 :slight_smile:

  4. Can you post a screenshot of the webinar here to know exactly what you mean?

  5. Yes, you can! And that’s what is done for F1 cars for instance in the wake region.

  6. You can run and open it using OpenFOAM locally. @1318980 might give you more tips on that.

  7. Can you elaborate on this one? You mean uploading a project from OpenFOAM? That’s possible by the way but you would have to be more precise so that I can give you a better answer.

Hope I could help a bit.



Hi everyone,

Not very sure about how to do this but it is possible in ParaView. Darren is def the right person to ask, but have you tried googling on how to extract volumetric data from ParaView? Im sure after that hurdle is passed, its just a matter of selecting the area integral and getting the results out.

You can, but has OpenFOAM been setup yet? This itself is a quite a complex process if you’re new to it. I am familiar with installing and using it on Linux (Ubuntu) so can guide you there if needed. If you’re talking about one to one download and simulation of a project offline, that I’m not too sure. I suppose you can as downloading the data does give you all the required schemes but then again, unsure.

Loading wise is not possible. You can transcribe the setup parameters from OpenFOAM manually into SimScale as fundamentally they are the same thing. I have done so myself and its quite simple actually. You might have to look up on different terminologies however and SimScale uses a specific version of OpenFOAM so if you’re using something newer like I am (OF V6) then some of the newer functions may not be available. So keep that in mind.

Hope this helps.



Hi @olgar, @jousefm, @Get_Barried

Running a SimScale case on local openfoam is possible, however in some cases there are quite a lot of differences between our fork and standard forks, I would recommend just sitting through, reading the errors and making the modifications to the case files where possible. However, this is time-consuming and obviously, this isn’t a supported workflow so no documentation exists. In addition, we use to have a case upload feature, where you set up your case locally and uploaded it to the platform, this was a very unused feature, however, if you want it back please add a feature request.


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Thanks to everyone!

That’s a pity)

2). The question was more about the built in postprocess. Do I understand correctly that this is impossible? How to make it into a paraview I can actually google.


This is not the same as point 2. I want to control average temperature over the domain during calculation and use it as one of the control parameters to stop the simulation. Is it possible?


In a screenshot of the “SimScale Exclusive Training” Pawel Sosnowski shows how to display velocity fields on specific surface. And I can’t find this on a new interface. It must be due to the fact that now simscale is not using paraview to postprocess the results. Or I’m wrong?


That’s great! Do you have link to the project or webinar to do this, because i can’t find :roll_eyes:

6.7. I realized that this is the path of trial and error. Do you have a list of additional modules we may need, as well as a version of openfoam and its components? Is this public information? :sunglasses:

Hi Olga!

That’s not possible inside the workbench for CFD but for FEA, yes.

Only in FEA - so it was slightly related to point 2 :wink:

Would have to check by myself first :slight_smile:

There you go: Full Car Aerodynamics

I cannot say more than Darren already said in his post but for more possibilities or use of other solvers you can just try using the normal OpenFOAM version - for post-processing either Paraview or Tecplot.