Making a Flow Region with specific dimensions doesn't work but other dimensions work

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The project I am working on is just a practice one as I am quiet new to CAD and also this Simscale thing. I just made a CAD model using an application called freecad and imported it into the simscale. However, when I make an external flow region in the cad editor, if I use a minimum z of 0.003, it doesn’t work while other values of minimum z work fine. When I attempt to make the flow region with minimum z of 0.003 it makes says: “The flow region could not be created. Please search for potential problems around the following entities face 3 @ Fusion015, face 3 @ Fusion015 and consider cleanup operations in your CAD tool.”

Can anyone help me with this?


The error message hints at the problem. If you set min z to 0.003, there is an infinitesimal gap between the wheels of the car and the bottom face of the flow region.

Having a closer look:

It’s a roughly 3e-7m gap, which is not desired for CFD. If you change z slightly, the gap doesn’t exist anymore and the flow region is created successfully.

Just as an example, here’s a thread where the user faced a similar problem: Velocity field is diverging at a point - #2 by Ricardopg


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