Magnus effect simulation

I am trying to find the lift force to investigate Magnus force. However, my project does not give me reasonable results and even gives me negative pressure at some points. I do not know which part of my project is wrong. Could you help me to fix my problem?

This is the link to my project: []

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Hi there, thank you for using the forum!

I noticed that you are simulating a Laminar flow, so maybe you want to try with the k-omega SST model instead :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes.

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After I made the change, I got this graph. Why do I still get negative values at the beginning?

You are using a steady-state approach. Hence, the results you are seeing do not represent a variation with physical time but with iterations. The first results represent the initial attempts of the solver to come out with a solution to the discretized system of diff. equations. Naturally, the first attempts are not accurate and produce those non-physical oscillations in the solution. It might be a good idea for SimScale to modify the post-processing x-axis name to “iteration #” for steady-state cases.

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