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Looking to Moddel Force and Effectiveness of Boat Rudder

Hello All,

I’m looking to create a very basic “boat” that basically consists of a bodyboard with a T200 thruster mounted under it and a rudder. I would like to try model the forces the rudder would experience at various speeds as it goes through the water. This would be used for both determining the type of servo needed as well as for the documentation accompanying the project.

I would also preferably be able to try different rudder shapes to test for control effectiveness. This would be done before 3D printing the rudder and testing t empirically.

If someone could point me to s tutorial or project that I could use to get started and learn how to do this it would be very much appreciated.


Basically looking to model force on a rudder as water flows past it as well as its control effectiveness.

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Hi @klewis
It seems to me a super cool hobby project.
Here, have a look at the similar project created by @JonMartins . Hope, it will help you a lot.

Extend the dimensions of Background Mesh Box that suits your simulation setup.