Looking for support in running simulation

Hello community,

I am working on a research project, looking into open shelters on archaeological sites, and attempting to simulate the performance of these structures with environmental parameters.

As many aspects of this work is consuming a lot of time and effort, I need proper help in running the simulation for two sites in simscale and extracting results in a well-structured and coherent way.
I have the CAD models, and attempted myself to run basic simulations in simscale so someone with relatively good experience can do it easily.

Required is to look at wind patterns, in terms of speed and direction, and other possible outdoor environment conditions the tool can support with (I am not an expert, hopefully you can advise if we can look at heat gain, surface temperatures, and rain?).

The simulation will need to produce heat maps for specific dates and conditions as well as spot readings for specified locations in the model for different dates and weather data, and to take into consideration the material qualities of both archaeological remains and shelter.

If you find yourself available and capable, please reach out.
Timeframe is May 2023.
Cost can be discussed.


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Hi Rana, and thanks for posting!

Hopefully a good opportunity for someone in the community.

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Indeed! and again, this is for research purpose so we can explore throughout the process.
thank you for interacting with this post.