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Login Authenication issue

Hi everyone,

This seems like a minor issue and its probably my part but at the moment I’m unable to authenticate my login to SimScale no matter which browser or internet connection I use. After clicking login, the button would just grey out for awhile before being clickable again but still leaving me at the login page. This only occurred as of about an hour ago and I’m not sure who to contact regarding this issue. Hence, I ended up posting here.

Hope to get a reply soon.


I’m loged in but my projects arnt loading, seems to be problems.

by the way @Get_Barried for future reference the email is :slight_smile:

@Get_Barried, @1318980,

we’re experiencing problems right now on parts of the production system. I’m very sorry for the lost productivity - I’ll update this thread once the problem is fixed.




Cheers David

Kind regards,

Sorry Darren :stuck_out_tongue: Wasn’t aware initially.

Cheers for info!

No problem! Thanks David.


May I suggest that the SimScale Twitter tweet out when the service is disrupted? That would be a good way to get more people to follow the SimScale twitter along with letting current users know when everything is fixed.

@dheiny @jousefm

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Totally agreed, and maybe pin a post to the forum

@Get_Barried, seems to be working ok for me now.

Yup can confirm it works. Thanks Darren!


Yes, all problems have been identified and fixed - the production system is back to normal.

Again - excuse the lost productivity. We’re working on preventing such incidents in the future!



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Very nice idea @Get_Barried!!

Will probably pin a post in the forum as well as posting updates on Twitter as you mentioned. :+1: