Local Mean Age of Air in Natural Convection Heat Transfer

Hello! Im doing a convective heat transfer analysis in an apartment and my main goal is to analyse it through thermal comfort parameters. I followed your guided tutorial, however, Im finding results a bit confusing… My PMV value is ok and my PPD is bad, very discrepant.

And also while visualising the graphic T1 for Local Mean Age of Air it represents frequent inconsistent values, I feel this may not be correct?!

link to my project: SimScale Login

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The optimal range for PMV is between -0.5 and +0.5. Since you have the entire domain above this range, almost 100% of the occupants are feeling uncomfortable right now (they’re feeling too hot, to be more precise).

When it comes to T1: since all of your windows are defined as natural convection inlet/outlet boundaries, you might get some parts of these windows going back and forth between acting as inlets and outlets from one iteration to another (while the fields are still developing).

If the flow goes into the domain, it will receive a T1 value of zero = fresh air:

Due to this back and forth, you are currently seeing these spikes. It might be interesting to also simulate the external flow domain to get a better understanding of the flow field.



Hello Ricardo,

Thank you for your time and expertise!
Your explanation absolutely makes sense and I feel more confidant at interpreting the results.

Best wishes!

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