Live convergence reports - live log

I am not sure if this was discussed before, but users should be allowed to view a live convergence report and a log report. In this manner, users would be able of stopping the simulation when convenient. This is especially true as SimScale uses (I suppose) automatic relaxation factors, which in case of a possible divergence, or other numerical problem, extend the number of iterations before the solution explodes. This would save computational costs.

Hello jairogut,
thanks for your feedback.
may I ask you for which Analysis you are missing the live convergence plot/report? Or is there a specific metric you would like to see/miss?


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Hi @SBlock , my apologies, I was not aware you could see the residual plots while the simulation was ongoing. My apologies.

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Hi @jairogut ,
no worries.
Please feel always free to let us know when you think we are missing an important feature or can improve the platform in another way.

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