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List of heat transfer modes

Is there any list of heat transfer modes, which can be used and/or combined under SimScale?
For example: Is there a mode of conjugate heat transfer with body-to-body radiation available?
A matrix of capabilities might be nice as well as a list of not implemented simulation modes.

@Tonner, definitely a good idea to provide such a matrix for a fast overview. Currently there is no such thing in place. It sounds like you’re rather interested in heat transfer in solid bodies? Here @rszoeke can elaborate on what’s possible right now (and we’re also busy shipping new features as I write this). @gholami is leading our efforts in the implementation of solid-to-fluid heat transfer. They might be the right guys to answer this.

To address the body-to-body radiation, we are working on a conjugate heat transfer component that includes radiation models. I assume this component offers what you are looking for. In the mean time, please have a look at the available analysis types on SimScale to get an idea of what is offered currently. Natural convective heat transfer, Heat transfer, and Thermomechanical analysis could be particularly interesting.