Linear/Non-linear static analysis of a toggle clamp


In this assembly, the toggle clamp is supposed to move down the upper large disk on the Z axis to compress two rubber disks.
But it doesn’t matter where I apply the force, upper disk won’t move down enough to touch rubber disks and put pressure on them.
If they don’t touch each other, there is no resistance against the clamp. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any stress on it. However, the simulation shows stress in many parts but negligible movement in the Z axis.
Where is my mistake? Did I choose the right type of analysis? Is there an issue with the contacts or boundary conditions?

Hi @mj94,

Thanks for posting your question. It seems that the force you are applying is simply not enough to move the structure, as you are getting 0.05 MPa at the final result.
In this sense, try to increase the the force value, or change it from Force boundary condition to Fixed value boundary condition, applying then a displacement value (i.e.: 0.005m) on the same face.