Limited core hours and exceeding them


Hi. I’m learning simscale for my formula student team and I’ve ran out of computing hours. Apparently when I made my account I was supposed to chose the community, and not professional, option. Is there any way I can change this without making a new account?

I’ve contacted support over the chat but received no response.


Hi @trizvanovic,

I will contact the responsible person to set back your account.

Cheers and all the best!



hi jousef,
I’ve been facing the same issue. Ive used up my computing hours for the first tutorial in the fsae workshop and would like to get my plan changed to community as well. Is it possible for you to help me?

thanks in advance


Hi, i am facing the same problem. I did send a mail regarding this, no response. Can you help me out.


Hi @RahulM & @amanvaibhav!

I will reach out to the responsible person to set back your account to the community plan. If you want I can run the simulations for you just to get it done and to hand in your homework if you like.




Hello Jousef,

I have the same problem like the guys before. Would you please help me too?

Thank you



@RahulM, @amanvaibhav, @h_koeckemann, your accounts have been changed to the community plan with 3000 core hours. This should allow you to proceed with the homework.



@AnnaFless Thank you! Big help.


Hi @jousefm @AnnaFless I have the same problem, cha you help me?
Thank you
Marco Salvadei


Hi @msalvadei!

Will contact @AnnaFless to change your account to a community plan.




Hi @AnnaFless i´ve also faced the same problem, could you change mine to community plan also?

thank you very much,



Hi @puterihaslin,

Your account has been switched to the Community Plan.



Is there a way to exceed 3000 core hours? I mean what happens after you reach 3000? Can you still use Simscale for open projects?


Hi @pkciuk!

You can see the current status of your core hours on your Dashboard. Once your core hours are used you can contact me: