'Lenkhebel' simulation project by StefanWalder


I created a new simulation project called 'Lenkhebel':

Kerbspannung Lenkhebel

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Hello @StefanWalder :slight_smile:!

It seems like you are trying to do a Static analysis on Kerbspannung Lenkhebel. It is good to see that you used only half of the Geometry and applied symmetry boundary conditions. Having a look at your Mesh, We could see that you have used Parametrized Tetrahedralization without mesh parameters. But the mesh is still coarse with just one elements on the edge as you can see in the below picture. You could improve the mesh quality by using Tetrahedralization with refinement option and selecting the required faces to have a fine mesh.

Coarse Mesh With only one elements

Tetrahedral Mesh with refinements

Also, Your model is not constrained for displacements/rotations. For example, You can restrict the displacement in X and Z direction on the face shown below. If the body is not constrained, the entire body would be having a free rigid body motion and solution will likely diverge.

Constraining the face on X and Z direction

Hope this helps. If you have any further question/s, feel free to ask. Happy Simulating!
-Madan (@Madan_Mohan)



I want to change the orientation of the solid.
Is this possible in simcale or is this to be done in the sending cad system?
If this has to be done in the cad system how can i swap the solids in my simulation?



Hey @StefanWalder!

Unfortunately this is not possible since SimScale is a simulation platform and our core focus is on CAE rather than CAD. Therefore, in order to do any CAD operation (other than scaling which is available on platform) you have to do it with some CAD tool. Once you are done:

  1. Upload the modified geometry

  2. Assign it to old mesh or make a new one.

  3. Once the mesh is made assign new mesh to your existing simulation setup under Domain. Assigning a new mesh will delete all your assignments since it depends on the mesh rather than geometry, therefore you have to re-assign the entities again.

Hope this helps. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.

Good luck!