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LBM-DEM for cfd



I was wondering would it be possible to use and lbm method for say a pipe flow? I want to compare the difference between lbm and regular compressible flow to see if the extra work is any usefull?


hi @kballadares
I think LBS simulation type only for the professional version. @jousefm sir provided detail information about this.



Hi @kballadares,
LBM solver is only applicable to incompressible flow till now on SimScale, so you can not compare it to compressible flow. It is not available on community plan because it is a professional feature.



Hi @kballadares and thanks @ROHIT_SR for tagging me.

As mentioned by Hamza only incompressible flows can be simulated by the current solver implemented but there are ways to simulate compressible flows with LBM solvers like entropic LBM methods. Good question though as I will probably cover questions like these in a separate LBM post, how the method works and what its limits are!