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Hello @agata

I put your name in this post so it would not get lost in the flood of new Projects posts, however, this post is really a general feedback/suggestion post.

S0, a couple of quick comments on the recent changes.

When I log into Simscale can it to default to my Dashboard and not the public projects? If I am already using Simscale I will want to see my work before seeing the public projects.

Simscale no longer remembers my user Id or password. This is a pain because I have to enter it a lot now.

The Forums link from the platform page does not work. Returns Bad Gateway.

When I am in one of my Projects and I click on Forums, I need to re-login. To create this post I have had to login three times.

Can the new public projects be filtered out of the Forum? I have seen over 200 new messages in the past two days and any real message is going to get lost.

The idea of the Public Projects is great but it looks like it will turn into a real mess quickly. I have seen a dozen new projects called “Test xxx” which is not helpful. I am also seeing where people are making copies of projects, the original and the copy are now showing up in the Public list. so, their are now a lot of duplicate projects to sort through.

If I am a Professional user and I create a public project, will this count against my Professional core hours and storage limit or will these be considered part of the Community Plan?

Well, that’s just a few quick comments since I have been using the new interface.



Hi @cjquijano,

thanks a lot for your feedback - really appreciated!

The logic of the login page is that if you’ve been before on some public page (e.g. a public projects page or a user profile), then you’ll be redirected there again (to not interrupt what you’ve been doing). But if you’ve been - say - on the website (, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard. Would you prefer a different logic here? And in case you’re seeing another behavior, we would need to dig into this (browser version etc.)

That’s unexpected - I’ll ask a colleague to look into this but to my knowledge we didn’t change anything related to this. @bitlejac, could you confirm?

Which forum link exactly do you mean? The one in the navigation bar? Could you clean the cache of your browser and see if it still happens? This re-login issue seems to be very odd, so there might be something with cache/cookies in your browser because that’s not how we intend it to work (obviously :slight_smile: )

That’s something we are working on as I write. A better control via sorting and filtering for all public projects is something that will follow soon - hang in there for the moment.

So there is only one computing quota - the difference between community and professional plan is that in the professional plan you can use this for private projects, in the community plan not.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, @cjquijano!! Let’s sort out this login issue to not give you such a headache of logging in all the time…



Thanks for your feedback @cjquijano!

Just to add to David’s comments, if you are bothered by forum notifications for any new projects, then I recommend to update your setting in the meantime:

  • In the forum click on your profile picture and then click on “Profile”

  • From there choose “Preferences” and scroll down to the “Email” section where you can update your notification preferences

  • Make sure the box “Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)” is unchecked



I don´t know what´s happening now but I have to log in a lot of times a day while working with simscale. Before I remained logged in the whole day.

Thank you very much!

@Iria - we’ll look into this. Could you keep me posted if it keeps on happening to you?

@Iria, we applied a fix yesterday. You should be logged out less often. Could you confirm this?

We still have some issue where you might get logged out. We will apply a permanent solution next week.

Hi @dheiny hi @cklein!
up to now I`ve just had to log in one time. It ´s working better than yesterday!
Thank you very much!

Hi @dheiny and @cklein,

It works better for me now.


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